The production chain in a wood pellet plant is divided into 3 prime areas (see following illustration):

□ Raw materia! handling consisting of an interim
storage and a dryer (if applicable) wood shavings
wilh associated conveyor systems

□ Pelleting for the production of the pellets from the
raw material

□ Pellet storage and packing and/or truck filling
Manufacturing process of wood pellets (a simplified representation)
Pelleting is the principal item in the production chain and is divided into the following process steps:

□ Wood chip grinding

□ Humidity regulation including conditioning and ripening container

□ Pressing

□ Pellet cooling

□ Screening

All these principal functions of a wood pellet plant are covered by the PELLET.TURM®.
The PELLET.TURM*1 is a compact pelleting module developed by TECCON Konstruktionen GmbH for the production of high quality wood pellets with a production capacity of 2.5 t/h to 5.0tfh, which corresponds to approximately 15.000 tons to 40.000 tons production quantity annually. With multiple pelleting modules, the production capacity can be extended at will.

The main components of the PELLET .TURM"3 are:

□ Pre bin for raw material

□ Binding agent adding

□ Milling cycle including gravitational separator,

□ hammer mill and wood separator

□ Conditioner and ripening container including humidity regulation

□ Pelleting press with feed spout

□ Pellet cooler with bin

□ Screening with small particle feedback to the raw material intake as well as all additional equipment required for operation

□ Air pollution control system

□ Compressed air supply

□ Fire protection devices

□ Electrical and C&l equipment including visualisation